1951    Born in Korea, Lives and works in Seoul, Korea. 

1993-1998    DukSung Women's University, Seoul, Korea, Professor of Painting 
1997-1998    Dean of Academic Affairs, Duk Sung Women’s University
1998-2017    Korean National University of the Arts, School of Visual Art,

Professor of Painting
2000-2002    Chair, Department of Fine Arts
2004-2006    Dean, Korean National University of the Arts, School of Visual Art 
2009-2011     Dean, KRIGA (Korea National Research Institute for the Gifted in Arts)
2011-2012    Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Korea National University of Arts
2017-2019    President, GyeongGi Cultural Foundation

Professional Service and Activities
1998-2014    Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Operating Directors for Project Space-Sarubia, Seoul, Korea, an alternative art space dedicated to discovering and developing unique and experimental art.
2005-2007    Member of the Board of Operating Directors for SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, responsible for starting the SOMA Drawing Center promoting exhibition and collection of drawings.

1974    BA Beloit College, Beloit, WI, USA 
1981    MFA Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, USA 

One-Person Shows
2019    Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015    BM Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013    Tong In Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010    Lee Hwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    Kaze Gallery, Osaka, Japan
    Osaka Korea Council, Osaka, Japan
2009    Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2006    Lee Hwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    Kaze Gallery, Osaka, Japan    
2004    Lee Hwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
2002    Gallery Sagan Two Person Show, Seoul, Korea 
2001    Lee Hwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
2000    Walsh Gallery, Chicago, NY 
1999    Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York, NY 
1997    Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New Delhi, India 
1996    Seo Wha Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
1994    Seo Wha Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
    JM Gallery, New York, NY 
1992    JM Gallery, New York, NY 
1991    Gallery Seomi, Seoul, Korea 
1990    Gallery David, New York, NY 
1989    Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

Over 50 group exhibitions since 1976

Public Collections 
Seoul City Museum of Art
Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY 
Wright Art Museum, Beloit, WI 
Morgan Guarantee Trust Co., New York, NY 
Silla Hotel, Cheju, Korea 
Ministry of Defense, Republic of Korea 
Dancer, Fitzgerald, Sample and Co., New York, NY 
Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo, Japan    
Art Bank, Seoul, Korea
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Seoul, Korea
Hyundai Heavy Industries Building. Seoul

Various publications in monthly art magazines and daily newspapers in the USA and Korea.  Selected bibliography on request.

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